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Arianna Huffington – in-depth player analysis from Day 5 of the AdParlor Cannes Pride leaderboard at Cannes Lions

Now that Day 5’s leaderboard (covering the activity for Thursday) is out, I want to focus our thoughts on the incredible effect of a physical platform appearance on your digital leadership.

If we look at Arianna Huffington’s score profile over the past 5 days of the Cannes Pride leaderboard we can really see this effect in action.


Arianna spoke on Tuesday the 18th. Before she spoke she was still in the pride but at a low rank – below 1200 on the Monday. After her talk she tweeted just 13 times and was catapulted to number 1 – due to the high number of retweets (53) and @mentions (111). Then since her talk her impact on the Twittosphere has waned (there have been many fewer retweets and @mentions of her twitter post about Cannes) and her rank has dropped to 190th.


For me this shows how digital and physical go hand in hand – big names in digital can become big names live and vice versa.  Crucially though, you can’t maintain a top rank in the Cannes Pride by being influential on just one day (though she may still win the overall leaderboard for the week) – great social media marketing is about maintaining a consistent presence as well as relevancy with your audience.

Food for thought! Anyway well done to William J Ward who grabbed the top spot yesterday…


It’s not too late to play in the Cannes Pride leaderboard – simply tweet #canneslions and you’ll join it. Head over to the leaderboard at www.cannespride.com and sign in with your twitter account to see your rank and stats.

Why we love building lists and why an influencer list matters

My latest guest blog post on Successful Workplace: Why we love building lists and why an influencer list matters.

Try out creating an influencer list at: http://www.leaderboarded.com/home/partners/peerindex.

Social Business Scale

Where does your business stand on my social business scale?  To qualify you need to have a business process in place for each:

  1. Social media is a fad, we can safely ignore it.
  2. Social media is here to stay
  3. I have a personal social media presence
  4. I have a company social media presence
  5. I listen in on social media
  6. I create content on social media
  7. I  engage in two way conversations on social media
  8. I  engage in conversations with my customers on social media
  9. I have properties that encourage customers to communicate with each other on social media (eg. a community forum, a Facebook game)
  10. I triage my engagement with my customers based on how influential they are on social media
  11. I triage my engagement with customers based on how important they are to my business
  12. I let customers know their ‘importance score’ for my business and show them how to improve it
  13. I offer perks to my customers based on their  score
  14. I have directly driven sales transactions from social media engagement
  15. My customers do my selling for me

I’d be interested to know!

Also, have I missed anything from the scale? Let me know

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