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When creating content on social – think canapes not main meal

Social media content should be like a canape - quick to gobble and easy to digest. Photo: sushi♥ina

Too many brands and companies are trying to create immersive and complex experience for their customers on social media.

The reality is that social media content should be quick to read and easy to digest. That’s because social media is the equivalent of a drinks party – we’re standing up, talking to lots of people, we haven’t sat down to a full meal.

When I sign up to your website, that’s when I’m ready for a full meal – that’s the time to give me white papers, full game experiences, complex competitions.

When I’m on social, I’m a butterfly, fluttering past, think yourself blessed if I stop by to nibble on one of your content canapes. That means 140 character twitter posts that say everything you want to say, Facebook wall posts that include a single meaningful photo and youtube videos that are under two minutes long.

Lynx Angels spread their wings on YouTube

Some clever marketing going on with the latest Lynx campaign worth looking at:

Lynx Angel Ambush using 'Augmented Reality' at Victoria Station

First the Spark – we have the ‘lynx angels that lose their halo’ tv spot ad.

Then Ignition – this is extended by providing an experiential ‘augmented reality’ angels that drop down at Victoria station.

And Fuel – publishing on YouTube amplified the campaign and the ambush. And the result? – a further 300,000 views of the Victoria station ambush.

Nice marketing work. Though not exactly biblically accurate…. ;o)

What is copyright in the digital age?

Take this video – its a great spoof of Masterchef videos remixed with new images

Is this copyright fraud or not?


[Toby is on holiday this week]

Comparing Terms of Service and Privacy for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

Running a campaign on a social media platform requires considerable attention to the legal details. Whether you’re storing email addresses, capturing user data, incentivising an activity or running a promotion you’ll need to check out the small print before you launch.

Not to do so runs the risk of being shut down with only 24 hours warning.

Here’s a list for the big three to get you started:

Well, on just numbers of documents alone, Facebook wins by condensing into three while Twitter’s five seems over the top.
As for the content.. well, ask your questions here!

Funny Facebook Videos

I’ve only just found the wealth of ridiculous songs and sketches about Facebook on Youtube. Here are my top three:

1. The British “we hate applications” song “Facebook Anthem” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZzP_69ZTFk (contains strong language)

2. Rhett and Link’s original “Facebook song” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSnXE2791yg

3. The comedy commercial for Facebook relationships http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PH4aElf6CU&feature=related

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