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Why Android rocks

So, I’ve dived in and grabbed a T-mobile G2 (also known as the HTC Hero) that runs Android and I’m completely addicted.

It’s all designed around the idea of real time – twitter suddenly makes more sense, Facebook status updates appear next to the person’s phone number, their latest profile photo appears when they phone. Friends in Singapore who start a google chat come straight through to the phone, all makes me wonder when I will have time to turn it off.

You only have to try the awesome layar app or even just the ‘stars at night’ to realise augmented reality is super cool. A kind of ‘sat nav meets the Wii’ interface to hyper local data.

Android will win over iPhone in the end for the same reason Windows beat Apple last time round. It’s cross platform stupid.

Now to make some apps. If only I could put the phone down long enough to do so!

A new year for Facebook Developer Garage London

Garage logoFacebook Developer Garage London continues to evolve.  I founded the group back in August 2007 (seems such a long time ago now) and handed over to a new chairman Josh March last October. Each month 60 to 80 developers and entrepreneurs gather to discuss the latest  on the social network platform.

The main trend for 2009 for the garage content is toward comparing application platforms – while Facebook remains the leader in terms of technology, number of developers (now a whopping 660,000 worldwide) and UK usage there is still  a need to provide space to discuss the other platforms – notably Myspace, iPhone, LinkedIn and Bebo.

Nudge continues to support the development community with expert advice from our technical director, Iskandar Najmuddin,- it’s always worth getting along to hear him on What’s new on the Platform and bring your technical queries to.

So, for 2009, I’m looking forward to an even more vibrant developer community in London this year and maybe as a target a million MAU app to catch up with the London community’s biggest star – Playfish. I’m certainly planning to create one for one of our  Nudge clients…

The next event is on 21st January and features speakers from Moshi monsters, iplatform, and Huddle are back to talk about the LinkedIn platform. See you there.

Seamless Calendar Synching at last

As a techie I test drive the various “synchronise my online calendar with mobile phone” approaches.
Generally it’s been an abject failure requiring more tweaking than I’ve had time for so I’ve resorted in 2005, 2006 and 2007 to a highly effective “paper based single user portable calendaring solution” (also known as a Diary).
No longer! I now have an N81 Nokia Phone which is less expensive than the iPhone but still features the Wi-fi capacity I need to keep this cost effective (i.e. free).
For my calendar, I’ve ditched the home grown approaches and got Google Apps to manage my tobyberesford.com email domain. Since most invites and meetings now come over the email, I enter 90% of my engagements into my Google Calendar.
Then I used a cool little product called Goosync (N81 is too new so I used the N80 profile instead), and registered with them. I entered in all my Google domain details in Password Authentication and went to their auto config screen.
They SMS-text-messaged me a config file, which I saved on the phone (automatically it sets up a Sync profile), then I went to Tools Sync GooSync.com – selected my office Wi-fi and Hey Presto all the calendar entries were on my phone. Yippee.
Ok so still a bit of tweaking required…. but a lot easier than last year. Now all I need is a way of synching my Facebook events into my Google Calendar…
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