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Crowdsourcing worked for us

The Nudge Logo we eventually launched the company with

It’s a little known fact that the popular Nudge logo above actually started life as a crowdsourced design.

Crowdsourcing using 99designs.com, a popular web 2.0 site, involves running a design competition over a week where all the participants can see other entries.  The person running the competition can feedback immediately a new logo design is posted, so ensuring a fast  iterative loop that the whole crowd participating in the competition can benefit from.

In Nudge’s case the final logo was finished off by Nudge creative director Steve Folkes but the main idea – using the letters n and u to create a gentle sense of nudging movement came from the crowd (credit here to the competition winner Tim Shundo)

Now Nudge has been successfully acquired by  Syncapse, I can definitely say crowdsourcing worked for us. Thank you everyone!

Here’s Tim’s winning design below:

Winning entry for the 99designs Nudge Logo competition by Tim Shundo

Buzz! The Friend Quiz – Facebook App Launches

Buzz! comes to Facebook

Buzz! comes to Facebook

Hey! if you thought we were a bit quiet – now we can say the reason why – we’ve just launched the awesome Buzz! The Friend Quiz for our client SONY Playstation.

It’s a unique Nudge social remix for Facebook of Buzz! the game which creates a TV quiz experience for you and your friends on Playstation.

Our Facebook version lets you play Buzz! with your Facebook friends, the twist is that the questions are all about your friends – lost photo captions, photos mixed together, who said what, and who made what comments – you play with mutual friends to see who knows who best.

Try it:  http://www.buzzthefriendquiz.com/facebook

Toby Beresford (left) and Iskandar Najmuddin get up close to Buzz at SONY HQ.

Toby Beresford (left) and Iskandar Najmuddin get up close to Buzz at SONY HQ.

Spotify takes the download out of song sharing

Nudge has been beta testing the Spotify music player for several months now. It’s greatest strength is the ability to share songs and even entire play lists with a single URL.

Rather than send songs around in cumbersome 3Mb files you can simply send a 20 character URL. This will revolutionise the discussion around songs. Now every blog and web site that refers to a song can link its readers directly to the tune in question.

So…. now we’re at the end of the day – you probably need to chill out a bit? Well why not try this super cool Nudge says unwind playlist from the team here at Nudge (you’ll need the Spotify player to play it). Listen to Matt‘s Radiohead track, Paulius’s Red hot chili’s or my Mika version of Relax. The in-house DJ prize goes to Iskandar who found the gorgeous Samba Da Bencao.

I have a couple of invitations left so email me if you want one and start listening to the coolest music from the boys at Nudge.

Update 9 October 2008 – All invites now used up – Phil and Matthias I hope you enjoy!

Reading Nudge

I’m just getting stuck into the book Nudge by Richard Thaler. Running a social media consultancy rebranded as Nudge I thought it pretty essential to buy as soon as it came out so it’s been lurking on my shelf for a few months. 

We chose the word “Nudge” for our company name because we felt it helped describe the best way for brands to market themselves on social networks. Advertising on social media is not about forcing a message to users by interrupting them, as  a television advert might do in the middle of an episode of Coronation Street, it’s about making the advertising message available as a choice the user can be interested in and then can take. Being on the social network means being there to be investigated, discussed with friends and eventually chosen.   

As choice architects we help present products and services in the right way on social media. For friends chatting about what presents to get, for example, our wishlist application helps them choose the right product that their friend want. For those wondering where to get the best video news coverage on facebook? Our Sky News Video app puts the breaking news for their chosen channel in their Facebook profile. And there are more fan pages and applications in the pipeline…

While it’s still early days for the nudge approach, it’s already clear that social networks are a place where we do gather information, work out what we’re interested in and discuss interests with our friends. It’s not where we buy (we use Google and the High Street for that) but it is where we build our list of choices.

Our job as choice architects for our clients on social media is to nudge them to make great choices. Anyway, time to keep reading…

Marketing with Brand Pages

Facebooks Fan Pages are very popular – over 100,000 made already. But do they work for the brands that make them?

The trick to success is how you use the Facebook feed. I spotted this in my feed:

Hey looks my mates are off to an event!

Three things are interesting about this message:

  1. Aggregated – it’s three of my friends doing something so it must be important
  2. Linked to the event – I clicked on the event and invited myself along
  3. Hosted by a brand – I clicked on the brand name and became a fan of innocent drinks

So after a couple of clicks, innocent drinks have me both as an attendee at their village fete and as a fan of their brand, and I love innocent drinks so no problem for me there.

What’s interesting from a marketing perspective is that this has all been achieved using Facebook’s existing tools – Innocent haven’t had to pay Facebook for the page or the event tool. By marketing with a social event – something me and my friends might go to – they are playing to the platforms intrinsically social nature.

It’s a combination that works and is a soft and appropriate way to market using the social media platform. Something we at Nudge like a lot. Simple but effective stuff from those clever people in the fruit towers….

Comic Relief Comedy Christmas Cracker

In association with Comic Relief I’ve just launched the Comic Relief Comedy Christmas Cracker app on Facebook.

Give a cracker to a friend for £2 and you both get to see funny videos by Alan Partridge, Little Britain, Blackadder and many more for the next 12 days of Christmas

Name facebook application launches tonight

The Name application on facebook, developed for GNR Labs and Freeyourid.com launches tonight.
The tool provides facebook users with two functions:
  • the chance to claim their own .name domain name, I’ve now claimed “toby.beresford.name” which points to my home page and toby@beresford.name comes to my email address
  • the ability to store “Other Names” – previous names like maiden names, nicknames from work, names in other languages – then old classmates and colleagues who only know you by your old name can find you.
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