Social Business Scale

Where does your business stand on my social business scale?  To qualify you need to have a business process in place for each:

  1. Social media is a fad, we can safely ignore it.
  2. Social media is here to stay
  3. I have a personal social media presence
  4. I have a company social media presence
  5. I listen in on social media
  6. I create content on social media
  7. I  engage in two way conversations on social media
  8. I  engage in conversations with my customers on social media
  9. I have properties that encourage customers to communicate with each other on social media (eg. a community forum, a Facebook game)
  10. I triage my engagement with my customers based on how influential they are on social media
  11. I triage my engagement with customers based on how important they are to my business
  12. I let customers know their ‘importance score’ for my business and show them how to improve it
  13. I offer perks to my customers based on their  score
  14. I have directly driven sales transactions from social media engagement
  15. My customers do my selling for me

I’d be interested to know!

Also, have I missed anything from the scale? Let me know

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