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ITV loves Facebook

Ben Ayers at the Facebook Developer Garage London

Ben Ayers at the Facebook Developer Garage London

ITV loves Facebook it seems, digital manager Ben Ayers told the Favcebook Garage in London tonight.
They found 1.2 million visitors to their site were coming via Facebook, echoing Facebook’s own discovery as the sharing site of choice for most of the internet.

They’ve been busy amassing 600,000 fans of their shows and have found that over half of their own ITV.com users are also on Facebook.

It seems a major UK channel is waking up on the need to integrate their own content experience with conversations on  Facebook.
Especially the “two screen” experience, “people watching TV wihile chatting, reading live feeds and consuming other related content during our shows”. For shows like This Morning two-screen is now a major part of the viewing experience.

Facebook’s live stream social widget and public profiles offer other channels and shows the ability to tap into this growing consumer way of watching social TV.

Clara Shih’s Facebook Era at the Facebook Dev Garage

Clara Shih, ex Salesforce web apps expert, who integrated Salesforce.com with Facebook, makes sense of our collective Facebook obsession in her new book – the Facebook era.


Clara Shih at Facebook Developer Garage

Clara Shih at Facebook Developer Garage


Clara’s main points at the garage, teasing us to read more…

The decade gone by? That was  the world wide web of information – how droll – now it’s the world wide web of people

Facebook changes the web. It brings the first trusted template for deep psychographic user data. Now all user expectations have changed – they don’t want to have to enter all their data in every time they come to a new web site.

Transitive trust explains the phenomenom where if I know who our mutual friends are I am more likely to trust you. The cold call just got slightly warmer.

New modes of communication like Facebook mean that the cost of staying in touch with weak ties is much lower, social networks we can finally capture the long tail of our social capital. That old primary school friend is your future hire…

Now it’s time to actually read the book…

Playfish at the Facebook Developer Garage London

Playfish's Dan Borthwick at the Facebook Developer Garage London

Playfish's Dan Borthwick at the Facebook Developer Garage London

6 of the top ten Facebook apps, 50 million users, 20 million Monthly Actives, Playfish must be doing something right.

I’m here with Dan Borthwick from Playfish as he shows us what they are creating on the Iphone.  Deep integration with Facebook Connect gives them a way of socialising an iphone app, sharing stories from games, escaping the constraints of the app store  home page to create virality.  This will give their games the edge on mobile.

It’s a cool strategy. Something tells me we’ll all be playing Playfish catch-up for a few years to come.

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