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Why Flipboard matters

Flipboard brings you a new way to browse Facebook stories

In an old post I highlighted social media’s ability to stop information overload by throttling the news feed: tools like Facebook automatically choose the stories that are most likely to introduce me.

However for many social media users it is the ability to see all the news as published by friends that is attractive.  Twitter users are past masters at processing hundreds of tweets per hour to pick out the ones that matter.

If you are in the latter camp and full scale information “waterboarding” is your preference, then Flipboard is the tool for you  – not only does it display everything and let you flick through it fast; it automatically converts the stories your friends share on Facebook and displays  the source material – a youtube  link becomes the youtube video itself, a Sky News wall post link  shows the article from the website.

The smooth “flip action” is great: you use your finger to turn the pages and this makes for a fantastic news browsing experience – for me its world news with my Facebook friends updates thrown in.

In a recent edition of Little Nudge I recommended dusting off your Google Reader account and getting it set up with the right news feeds to your taste whether celebrity, tech or financial.  Flipboard is one of the reasons – look at how it transforms your Google Reader news into a very readable newspaper below:

Flipboard makes a great looking newspaper, on the fly

The message for social media marketers in 2011 is clear – don’t expect your Facebook fans or blog readers just to be looking at your stories via the web – they may be using their Ipad and flipping through at an even faster rate than you realise.

New Facebook Home Page, Slideshare and Sky News

New Facebook Home Page

Well the new Facebook home page is a definite improvement – a few things I like – filtering the feed by type of friends (see how to set up your friend lists), the right hand side has more stuff on there – feels a bit more like the featured on the Bebo home page.

However I don’t like “What’s on your mind?” – a slightly creepy question – if I say “Cheeseburger” does that mean ads for Macdonalds vouchers are going to start popping up? Still it’s probably better than “What are you doing?” (thanks Dave Nattriss for remembering for me…)

Facebook's new home page

Facebook's new home page

You can filter by app which is interesting though you can’t quite control which apps you filter by – it gives me the chance to filter by movies but not by my friend’s super photos.

Also “updates” have gone from the home page. Great, now I don’t hear any marketing update messages at all from those 50 pages I’m a fan of… good for users – less good for marketers.

Overall, this is about monetising Facebook. With the addition of highlights there is now more home page real estate dedicated to ads. It will be interesting to see how it develops and what the options are for advertisers.

Filtering my home page thorugh the movies application lens

Filtering my home page through the movies application lens


Slideshare is now attracting more of my attention (not least because they put my slides from the social networking world forum last week on their home page). I’ve come across some really great slide shows that save me having to go to all these pesky conferences. For an example of a rule breaking 162 slide presentation (believe me – it’s so good you’ll watch it to then end) check out the brand gap.

Hey I made it to the slideshare home page

Hey I made it to the slideshare home page

Sky News

Check out my most recent appearance on Sky News on my site: http://www.tobyberesford.com – you can catch me again this Wednesday 18th at 7pm UK time. Any comments on how I can improve my style of presentation gladly received!

CNN gets social media


Screenshot of CNN the forum showing Facebook Connect results

Screenshot of CNN the forum showing Facebook Connect results

I wrote recently about how I wanted to see politics on the web through a friend lens on Sky News and now it’s great to see it in action on CNN.


CNN’s the forum integrates Facebook Connnect so I can engage with CNN news, US political debate and see what my friends are voting.  It came sixth in Mashable’s recent survey of 10 great implementations of Facebook Connect.

In the illustration you can see my political badge (not that relevant as I am in the UK) and that of Dave Morin who has been heading up Facebook Connect since its announcement in May.

Format your content for sharing anywhere

One of the Nudge social media principles is to format any content for sharing anywhere. That’s why when we release a fan page for a client like Tenpin with an ugly Facebook URL we also create an easy to remember (and hence share) www.becomeafan.com/tenpin URL at the same time.

Sky News.com is one media channel that’s just about got this message. When I appeared on Sky News the other week to discuss the hottest stories on the web for that day my part of the programme was clipped and posted to their website.

The great advantage of this is that I can then talk about the clip on my own blog and post the link on Facebook.

Unfortunately I can’t embed the video player in my WordPress blog because the wordpress.com administrators don’t allow embedded videos from anyone other than Youtube, Google video and Vodpod (a kind of video skimming service). When this blog post gets syndicated on to the Nudge blog maybe we’ll update it so it does.

However, if Sky had not posted the video at all or they’d only posted the full 30 minute show in which I appeared, then I wouldn’t even be writing this post. By cutting my clip down to it’s 2 minutes they’ve formatted the content for easy sharing on social media.

How I’d socialise Sky News Interactive election map


Sky Interactive US Election Map - how it might look on Facebook

Sky Interactive US Election Map - how it might look on Facebook



Sky News just launched a funky interactive election map for the US elections – you make your predictions, compare with current polling and you can review the results of past elections – all in a nice Flash format on their site.

However, being a social animal, I don’t live on the web any more – I expect more from my online media. In particular I want it to be social – what do my friends think? What are my US friends voting? This would make it much more interesting.

So I’ve mocked up, Toby style, a screenshot of how I’d socialise the interactive map. I can see which friends are in which States and (if they let me) see who they’re supporting. I can see what they are predicting and we can discuss politics amongst ourselves.  I can even filter supporting intentions by all of Facebook, my network and by my friends.

With Gordon Brown on the ropes there must be a UK version in the pipeline soon – food for thought for those clever people at Sky News…

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