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5 ways to get ready for f-commerce

Facebook Credits: could they be a new global currency?

Facebook Commerce is coming, haven’t you heard?  Doing business with your customers via Facebook is the next big thing. So, if you’re lagging behind in this space, what should you do to get ready?

1. Build a fan base

Creating a Facebook fan page (or 100 fan pages) creates you a beachhead on the world’s favourite social network and an owned audience channel to engage with your fans for as long as they ‘like’ you.  Companies like Syncapse [Disclosure: where I work] or any of the Facebook Preferred Developer Consultants will help.

2. Integrate social plugins to your website

Take a look at The Huffington Post – note how it uses your Facebook identity to provide you a personalised experience – the news as recommended by your friends. Go and do likewise.

3. Create a Facebook application so you have permission to message your Facebook fans via email.

A Facebook application, whether a competition, a game or utility, will give you access to the social data you’re going to need to be successful – at minimum it’s a way to send a push message to your customers via email.

4. Understand Facebook Credits 

Facebook Credits could be the global currency of the future – but every transaction will cost you 30%? Seems a crazy percentage? Well it’s for real, you’d better look at your your financial model in light of this. Credits are only accepted for virtual goods at present but understanding why they are worth 30% is perhaps your first port of call.

5. Start trialling today

Take one part of your business and start trialling some aspect of Facebook commerce – there are off the shelf tools to try, as you can see from my own Facebook shop.  The only thing is clear, doing nothing and just ‘listening’ as so many companies seem to be doing, is no longer an option.

Crowdsourcing worked for us

The Nudge Logo we eventually launched the company with

It’s a little known fact that the popular Nudge logo above actually started life as a crowdsourced design.

Crowdsourcing using 99designs.com, a popular web 2.0 site, involves running a design competition over a week where all the participants can see other entries.  The person running the competition can feedback immediately a new logo design is posted, so ensuring a fast  iterative loop that the whole crowd participating in the competition can benefit from.

In Nudge’s case the final logo was finished off by Nudge creative director Steve Folkes but the main idea – using the letters n and u to create a gentle sense of nudging movement came from the crowd (credit here to the competition winner Tim Shundo)

Now Nudge has been successfully acquired by  Syncapse, I can definitely say crowdsourcing worked for us. Thank you everyone!

Here’s Tim’s winning design below:

Winning entry for the 99designs Nudge Logo competition by Tim Shundo

12 leading marketing tools for Facebook Fan Pages

A helpful list of some of the more well known third party Social Media Marketing and Monitoring (“SoMeMaMo”) tools available for running marketing campaigns on Facebook:
  1. Awareness –  broad social media marketing tool
  2. Buddy Media – complete package including apps for tabs
  3. Clearspring – container app for brand content
  4. Context Optional –  Complete package including apps for tabs
  5. Conversocial – fan page moderation
  6. Gigya – container app for flash content
  7. Involver – tab apps and amp campaign management hub
  8. Liveworld –  “discussion forum” moderation tool now offering moderation on Facebook walls
  9. Sendible – publishing platform
  10. SocialTalk – Syncapse’s enterprise publishing tool with tracking
  11. Spredfast – publishing platform
  12. Wildfire – brand promotions app
It’s still too early to point to a runaway winner but I hope this list helps you in your own search for a great tool to run your marketing campaign.
At Nudge we can either integrate your campaign with one of the tools above or  create a bespoke solution. Bespoke solutions, like a dedicated CMS, while more expensive, offer better integration into a companies processes and allow greater campaign  flexibility.
Feel free to suggest further packages  in the comments below.
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