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AdParlor Cannes Pride Final Top 100 Digital Leaders at Cannes Lions

Well, it’s over. A fantastic 60th year of the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and this year we can crown the first AdParlor Cannes Pride Top 100.

These 100 individuals have fended off competition from the other 24,337 glittering conversationalists talking, on Twitter, about Cannes Lions to demonstrate their digital influence and leadership.


About the Cannes Pride

While many Top 100 lists can be found on the internet, Cannes Pride is different: this is not a subjective list of “top influencers” curated by an individual, nor is it a generalized  system for measuring general social media influence and trying to apply that to a specific community.

No, instead it is a hybrid of the two. It has been devised by a Cannes Lions participant (Simon Baptist) and sponsored by a Cannes Lion sponsor (AdParlor) using real metrics and weighting as devised in accordance with the digital leader culture at Cannes. Using my web application Leaderboarded to crunch the data and generate the leaderboards meant that the task of creating a bespoke ranking system, one that would usually take a team of data scientists and engineers working round the clock, was completed automatically every day by the system without any fuss.

There was plenty of ‘big data’ to work with, we compiled the list having crunched 73,000 individual tweets, 33,000 mentions and 14,000 retweets to come up with the top 100.

What it means?

The Pride, the Top 100 are digital leaders and influencers at Cannes Lions. In a very noisy festival being able to influence the conversation as an individual lion using Twitter shows a real ability to connect with the wider Twitter audience.

While no one player managed the best possible score of 100, many came close. To succeed you had to discuss (and be retweeted on) #CannesLions, have a good overall PeerIndex social influence score and to be active in promoting and discussing CannesPride itself (worth a secret 3% of the score but enough to have been worth doing for the top players). You’ll know for next year.

Next year we’ll be back with ranking based on more digital channels and maybe some physical ones too. Thanks to all the Pride and we look forward to seeing your influence grow, not least because you’re showing everyone your Cannes Pride badge!


Cannes Pride Day Six scores and Top 50 most retweeted tweets

It’s been a good last Friday for the AdParlor Pride of Cannes Lions as we see some familiar faces at the top of the tree. Wiliam J Ward and Syed Abdul Karim hang in there at #1 and #2 respectively. Wendy Clark jumps 72 places to #3 – could she be a late winner.

See the full Day Six leaderboard.


We’ll find out this evening when all the tweets, retweets and @mentions are counted over the course of the whole Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

It was good to see Cannes Pride being picked up by agencies who are working out one way to win is to get other agency folk to engage with their champion.  It’s a good strategy and one that we’ll leverage for next year’s Pride.

I thought it might be interesting to look at some of the overall stats in todays analysis. After all, the objective of the Cannes Pride campaign is to promote Cannes Lions through the social media channels of individual lions.

The busiest day was Tuesday with (17k tweets) as opposed to Friday’s 6k tweets – perhaps everyone went home.

Of the top 3 most retweeted tweets Ogilvy and Twitter pushed the most interesting content.

Tweet #1 – Retweeted more than 2000 times – The best way to predict your future is to create it


Tweet #2 – Twitter’s data visualization of their new TV ad synched with Twitter advertising platform > 1,300 retweets  (this was over 3 different tweets with similar content)


Tweet #3 – Ogilvy’s Smoking Kid advert >750 retweets


And for those who love a leaderboard, here’s the full list:

Rank Retweet Approx. Count
1 RT @Ogilvy: “The best way to predict your future is to create it” -Abraham Lincoln #OgilvyCannes #Inspire series for #CannesLions 2182
2 RT @thidakarn: ??????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????? #CannesLions ?????????? ???????????????????? 780
3 RT @mikiko_san: ???Perfume??????????????????????????? Cyber Lions #CannesLions 601
4 RT @TwitterAds: Here’s the awesome TV ad targeting visualization that @dkroy just showed at #CannesLions 582
5 RT @TwitterAds: Watch a data visualization that shows how Twitter’s TV ad targeting works, as seen at @dkroy’s #CannesLions seminar 476
6 RT @TwitterAds: Get a sneak peek of the TVxTwitter data visualizations @dkroy will show tomorrow at #CannesLions 289
7 RT @Adobe: #CannesLions attendees: Join @ALewnes, @LDonohue, and @TheTinaBeast for our “You Can’t Trust Marketers” panel: 272
8 RT @Adobe: So many #marketers at #CannesLions 2013 – but can you trust them? You tell us 231
9 RT @Ogilvy: “You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.” -J. Goldstein … Inspires @JBell99. #OgilvyCannes #CannesLions 228
10 RT @Adobe: Heading to #CannesLions this year? Join us for our “You Can’t Trust Marketers” panel on 6/17 at 10 a.m.: 218
11 RT @reiinamoto: Admiring the stars of #CannesLions at the Palais. 218
12 RT @Adobe: At #CannesLions? Join us on 6/17 at 10 a.m. for our panel, “You Can’t Trust Marketers”: 172
13 RT @Adobe: #Adobe and @Adweek present to you… Cannes by the Numbers! Check out all of the #CannesLions winner projections: 148
14 RT @kokubucamera: ????Perfume???????????????????????????????1:00:30?????? #prfm #Perfume_um #CannesLions 148
15 RT @Ogilvy: “I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” -Vincent van Gogh … #OgilvyCannes #inspire series for #CannesLions http://t.… 146
16 RT @AdobeMktgCloud: View our #CannesLions awards predictor & who’s won already on ‘Cannes by the Numbers,’ powered by #AdobeSocial: 127
17 RT @Ogilvy: Ogilvy & Mather Becomes First Network to Win Over 100 Lions at #CannesLions! #OgilvyCannes 124
18 RT @Ogilvy: People don’t want to be told a story, they want to be part of it. #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes 116
19 RT @Adobe: Think you know who will win the ‘Film’ #canneslions award? Then vote in our @adweek experience http://t.c… 115
20 RT @Ogilvy: We are in an era that isn’t about how private you are, it’s about how interesting you can be. #CannesLions / #OgilvyCannes 111
21 RT @Ogilvy: “Doubt can only be removed by action.” -Goethe … #OgilvyCannes Inspire Series for #CannesLions by @nicolascourant 111
22 RT @TwitterAds: Don’t miss @dkroy and “the social soundtrack” at #CannesLions tomorrow! Here’s a sneak peek: 111
23 RT @clones00001: #Canneslions its best imprasion on my life!!! 110
24 RT @Ogilvy: Brands are now publishers and consumers are distributors. #CannesLions / #OgilvyCannes 109
25 RT @AdobeMktgCloud: #CannesLions is next week! Join our CMO @alewnes & panel for: ‘You Can’t Trust Marketers’ on 6/17 at 10am: 104
26 RT @KazuakiSeki: ???????????? Cyber Lions #CannesLions 103
27 RT @Adobe: What get’s your creative juices flowing? See what #CannesLions attendees had to say: 100
28 RT @Ogilvy: Ogilvy dominates social media at Cannes via @Campaignmag – – #CannesLions / #OgilvyCannes 95
29 RT @Ogilvy: We need to shift from focusing solely on making things “different” to making things “better.” #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes 94
30 RT @Ogilvy: “If your client is not scared of your idea, it is not good enough.” @AmirKassaei #CannesLions / #OgilvyCannes 91
31 RT @Ogilvy: Don’t make something unless it’s both necessary and useful. If it’s both, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful. #CannesLions / #… 89
32 RT @Ogilvy: Storytelling is an element that travels because it talks to the heart… -#CannesLions #OgilvyCannes 86
33 RT @Ogilvy: “Audiences don’t fall in love with plots. They fall in love with characters. Unforgettable characters.” #CannesLions / #OgilvyC… 85
34 RT @AdobeMktgCloud: Who will win the Design #CannesLions award? See how #AdWeek’s @Nudd prediction stacks up against the popular vote: 84
35 RT @kokubucamera: ???????????????????Perfume????( )???????????? ( #CannesLions #prfm ) 82
36 RT @Ogilvy: People are 22x more likely to remember a fact when it’s embedded in a story. #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes 81
37 RT @Adobe: #CannesLions – you’re invited to our panel tomorrow at 10 a.m., “You can’t trust marketers.” Come join us. 79
38 RT @johnmaeda: “In advertising, story-telling is too often *story-yelling*.” —Gaston Legorburu #canneslions 75
39 RT @Ogilvy: Brands can’t and shouldn’t be tempted by every new platform. A focused effort is the best effort. #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes 74
40 RT @Ogilvy: #Quote #Canvas – “If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses” -Henry Ford #CannesLions / #OgilvyCan… 70
41 RT @Adobe: And…. the #CannesLions predictions are in! Vote on your award predictions in our Cannes by the Numbers feature: 70
42 RT @Ogilvy: Creativity no longer belongs to the people that have the word “creative” on their title. #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes 69
43 RT @Ogilvy: Storytelling has become story yelling. It should be about engagement through interaction. #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes 69
44 RT @Ogilvy: Dream… Then get up in the morning and make it possible. @iamdiddy #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes 67
45 RT @Ogilvy: How to stay relevant… Be culturally iconic, courageously creative, and connected everywhere. -Keith Weed #CannesLions / 65
46 RT @AdobeMktgCloud: .@Heineken walked away with the first #CannesLions award. Vote your prediction for Mobile & see what others think: 65
47 RT @Ogilvy: Day 1 Recap at #CannesLions 2013 – – #OgilvyCannes 63
48 RT @AdobeMktgCloud: Get insights into the #CannesLions award winners.The Lion says there’s still time to vote: 63
49 RT @Ogilvy: A nice reminder… 5 Quick Tips on Tweeting from an Event (like #CannesLions) #OgilvyCannes 60
50 RT @Ogilvy: “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” -Dr. Seuss #OgilvyCannes inspire #CannesLions 59

Arianna Huffington – in-depth player analysis from Day 5 of the AdParlor Cannes Pride leaderboard at Cannes Lions

Now that Day 5’s leaderboard (covering the activity for Thursday) is out, I want to focus our thoughts on the incredible effect of a physical platform appearance on your digital leadership.

If we look at Arianna Huffington’s score profile over the past 5 days of the Cannes Pride leaderboard we can really see this effect in action.


Arianna spoke on Tuesday the 18th. Before she spoke she was still in the pride but at a low rank – below 1200 on the Monday. After her talk she tweeted just 13 times and was catapulted to number 1 – due to the high number of retweets (53) and @mentions (111). Then since her talk her impact on the Twittosphere has waned (there have been many fewer retweets and @mentions of her twitter post about Cannes) and her rank has dropped to 190th.


For me this shows how digital and physical go hand in hand – big names in digital can become big names live and vice versa.  Crucially though, you can’t maintain a top rank in the Cannes Pride by being influential on just one day (though she may still win the overall leaderboard for the week) – great social media marketing is about maintaining a consistent presence as well as relevancy with your audience.

Food for thought! Anyway well done to William J Ward who grabbed the top spot yesterday…


It’s not too late to play in the Cannes Pride leaderboard – simply tweet #canneslions and you’ll join it. Head over to the leaderboard at and sign in with your twitter account to see your rank and stats.

Player in depth Analysis – Panos Sambrakos

Today I’m doing a bit of in-depth analysis on Panos Sambrakos, Ogilvy Ones’ Executive Creative Director in Athens, and his performance on the Cannes Pride. He possibly doesn’t even yet realise he’s in the Cannes Pride – the AdParlor Top 100 list of digital leaders at Cannes Lions, so well done Panos if this is the first you heard about it.

We’ve been tracking Panos’ digital influence over the past four days of Cannes Lions (and that of 25,000 others) to see how effective he is at engaging a wider audience in Cannes Lions content, in particular on Twitter. We’ve crunched all the stats and produced a daily leaderboard.

Lets look at his performance in detail.

On today’s published leaderboard  (Day Four of Cannes Lions) he is at number 31, still in a good position and worthy of using the Cannes Pride Top 100 Twibbon.   (The rest of us 20,000 players can still get a twibbon though  Cannes Pride Twibbon)

Let’s see what his performance was like to get there:

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 12.41.49


We can see from his past performance that he started with 5 tweets on the Sunday, followed by 1 on Monday, 13 on tuesday and 16 on Wednesday. However his best position (7th) on the leaderboard was on Tuesday (Day Three Leaderboard) because he got 25 retweets and @mentions that day.  The leaderboard is ranking players based on how well they do at engaging their audience.

On today’s leaderboard – he did less well – down to 31st place – that’s because he only managed to muster 11 mentions and 8 retweets. Not enough to beat the top players in the pride.

Check out the Day Four Leaderboard. Well done to Syed Abdul Karim who is now the leader of the pride – he even has added his Twibbon to prove it!  David Jones and Adam Bain aren’t far behind though so the contest still has time to hot up.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 12.46.27


You can join the pride simply by tweeting on #CannesLions and check the leaderboard the following day. If you can’t see yourself in the Top 100 just sign in with your twitter account and you’ll see the leaderboard centred on you. You’ll also be able to check your own in depth stats over the past four days to see how you’re doing.

The Cannes Pride leaderboard is about the individual digital leaders. Who will win number one on the Final week’s leaderboard is still very much up for grabs – to win you don’t need to change your behaviour – just keep promoting great content from Cannes Lions and the AdParlor Cannes Pride leaderboard will keep track of who’s really the pride of Cannes Lions!

Ariana Huffington leaps to top of AdParlor Cannes Pride Top 100 Digital leaders at Cannes Lions

Well! Day Three at Cannes (and what a blast it has been eh lions?) and its all change at the top of the Cannes Pride leaderboard of top individual digital influencers.

We have a new Pride leader, up from 1,307 (the leaderboard is now 20,000 players strong – sign in with Twitter to see where you stand) is Arianna Huffington – the founder of the superblog news site Huffington Post.


What’s interesting though for pride followers (did you know anyone can follow the leaderboard and get email updates via Leaderboarded?) is that the top players John Maeda and Hector Fernandez are staying in the top 100 each day.

This will all count when we come to release the Final leaderboard which takes into account activity over the whole of Cannes Lions week.

In terms of performance you could have got into the Top 100 yesterday with just 3 tweets, 9 mentions and 9 retweets like Miia Savaspuro.

Keep spreading the word about Cannes Lions and sharing digital insights with your colleagues and community. Cannes Pride will show who’s really influencing the conversation.

AdParlor Cannes Pride Leaderboard Day Two Analysis

Monday was a busy day for the AdParlor Cannes Pride Top 100 digital leaders at Cannes Lions – 15,771 tweets, 7,277 @mentions and 3,428 retweets by 15,000 players!

We’ve sifted through it all for you to find who the top 100 individual digital leaders – the Pride of Cannes Lions! (though I spot a couple of agencies that slipped through our net – you know who you are @LeoBurnett #6 and @OgilvyOne #94)

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 17.08.08

It’s good to see a couple of newcomers to the top table, we welcome David Jones (up 84) and Arun Sudhaman (up 111 places) to the top of the Pride! Well done too to  @RalfVilands1 from H&K in Latvia who climbed a massive 345 places to grab the number 12 spot.

Also special mention to two of the pride who I can see have got their Cannes Pride Top 100 Twibbons – well done Adelyn Biedenbach and Syed Abdul Karim.

You can now add a Cannes Pride Twibbon to your own profile to show you too are loving the Pride. What a week this is! Together we’ll make Cannes better and better!

There’s only a few hours left of Tuesday to engage your audience in #canneslion content – will Amir still be top in the morning?…. stay tuned to find out all the changes in the Cannes Pride tomorrow.

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