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Why Android rocks

So, I’ve dived in and grabbed a T-mobile G2 (also known as the HTC Hero) that runs Android and I’m completely addicted.

It’s all designed around the idea of real time – twitter suddenly makes more sense, Facebook status updates appear next to the person’s phone number, their latest profile photo appears when they phone. Friends in Singapore who start a google chat come straight through to the phone, all makes me wonder when I will have time to turn it off.

You only have to try the awesome layar app or even just the ‘stars at night’ to realise augmented reality is super cool. A kind of ‘sat nav meets the Wii’ interface to hyper local data.

Android will win over iPhone in the end for the same reason Windows beat Apple last time round. It’s cross platform stupid.

Now to make some apps. If only I could put the phone down long enough to do so!

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