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AdParlor Cannes Pride – Day One (Sunday) post match analysis

Day One of Cannes Pride – the AdParlor Top 100 digital leaders at the Cannes Lions annual advertising awards, got off to a bang with some heavy hitters dominating at the top of the leaderboard.

Amir Kassael who is chief creative officer for DDB worldwide (and participating entirely digitally) took the top spot.

In runners up we had Miguel Ruiz from Ogilvy Mexico, Jonathan Mildenhall from Coke, John Maeda from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), and Hector Fernandez who is also from Mexico, Publicis this time.


Looking into the details this is how Amir got his 92.8 score:

PeerIndex score of 55, 13 tweets that were retweeted 63 times and 84 conversations about Cannes Lions.

There are actually 10,000 people on the leaderboard so if you’ve tweeted on the #CannesLions hashtag you can go and find your position. Head over to and sign in with your Twitter account to review your rank and see your own stats.

Every Day is a new leaderboard so you’ve always got a chance to get to the top – Amir got there with just 13 tweets – it’s not about quantity its about quality, relevance and reach!


If you’ve got a company Twitter account you won’t be able to play – we’re manually excluding all the companies who enter – this means we can cut through the noise to see the signal – who are the real individual digital leaders at Cannes.

Check out the Day One Leaderboard here. This link will always show just the Day One Leaderboard:

My guest post on Successful Workplace

Successful Workplace

Toby BeresfordThe following is a guest post by Toby Beresford. Toby is founder of a tool to create multi-variable leaderboards from both business and social data. He can be reached at @tobyberesford.

At the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, a smaller British fleet routed a larger  French one, destroying 22 French ships without a single British vessel being lost.

For French Admiral Villeneuve, there are many reasons why he lost, but one in particular strikes our attention as management scientists – his fleet was slow out of the harbor at Cadiz.

Getting out of the harbor

It’s a common problem for any business – time is that most precious commodity. Successful businesses get things done in time, or “just in time” if you prefer. Yet going faster is never easy. “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go with a team”…

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How to name your customer service twitter account

Lets say your company is called ABC. Here are some ideas

  • ABC_Help
  • ABC_CustomerService
  • ABC_CustomerSupport
  • ABC_Service
  • ABC_Support
  • ABC_Cares
  • Ask_ABC
  • ABC_CustomerCare
  • ABC_Heroes

Any others? Add them in the comments below


Facebook Share Price – Don’t Panic

I’ve been looking at the Facebook share price this morning and wondering whether the market has it right. So of course the stock is overhyped, but the fundamentals aren’t going away:

– social is a new layer on the whole internet – across the world knowing what your friends think matters more to people than knowing what experts think

– tech companies tend to become monopolies (look at Microsoft and Google) due to network effects

– With over a billion users Facebook owns the majority share of the social layer across the world

So yeah there are things to sort out, like monetising verticals other than games, providing advertising opportunities on mobile devices, but these are no big deal, it’s just a question of getting the balance right.

Apart from games, Facebook has monetised so far around its product (display ads on the side for example) while keeping the core experience free. With products like sponsored stories (where you pay for your best stories to be spread even further) it monetises within its product.  If they can navigate the cultural issues right then they will do very well indeed.

I wouldn’t sell your Facebook shares just yet.

Why Android rocks

So, I’ve dived in and grabbed a T-mobile G2 (also known as the HTC Hero) that runs Android and I’m completely addicted.

It’s all designed around the idea of real time – twitter suddenly makes more sense, Facebook status updates appear next to the person’s phone number, their latest profile photo appears when they phone. Friends in Singapore who start a google chat come straight through to the phone, all makes me wonder when I will have time to turn it off.

You only have to try the awesome layar app or even just the ‘stars at night’ to realise augmented reality is super cool. A kind of ‘sat nav meets the Wii’ interface to hyper local data.

Android will win over iPhone in the end for the same reason Windows beat Apple last time round. It’s cross platform stupid.

Now to make some apps. If only I could put the phone down long enough to do so!

Mastercard brings travel buzz to Facebook

Screenshot from the Buzzworld app on Facebook

Screenshot from the Buzzworld app on Facebook

Together with MRM Worldwide we put together this social utility to provide social access to the Mastercard Buzzworld campaign via your Facebook account.

The main campaign takes the “buzz” on top holiday destinations – comments and posts by travellers around the world – and promotes it on the main campaign site:

The app then extends the campaign into the Facebook social network by adding social features and actions. These included:

  • share your upcoming trip with friends
  • comment on the holiday plans of friends – for instance giving advice on places to see
  • send friends a virtual holiday gift such as a bucket and spade or a virtual cocktail!

Try the app for yourself:

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