Player in depth Analysis – Panos Sambrakos

Today I’m doing a bit of in-depth analysis on Panos Sambrakos, Ogilvy Ones’ Executive Creative Director in Athens, and his performance on the Cannes Pride. He possibly doesn’t even yet realise he’s in the Cannes Pride – the AdParlor Top 100 list of digital leaders at Cannes Lions, so well done Panos if this is the first you heard about it.

We’ve been tracking Panos’ digital influence over the past four days of Cannes Lions (and that of 25,000 others) to see how effective he is at engaging a wider audience in Cannes Lions content, in particular on Twitter. We’ve crunched all the stats and produced a daily leaderboard.

Lets look at his performance in detail.

On today’s published leaderboard  (Day Four of Cannes Lions) he is at number 31, still in a good position and worthy of using the Cannes Pride Top 100 Twibbon.   (The rest of us 20,000 players can still get a twibbon though  Cannes Pride Twibbon)

Let’s see what his performance was like to get there:

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 12.41.49


We can see from his past performance that he started with 5 tweets on the Sunday, followed by 1 on Monday, 13 on tuesday and 16 on Wednesday. However his best position (7th) on the leaderboard was on Tuesday (Day Three Leaderboard) because he got 25 retweets and @mentions that day.  The leaderboard is ranking players based on how well they do at engaging their audience.

On today’s leaderboard – he did less well – down to 31st place – that’s because he only managed to muster 11 mentions and 8 retweets. Not enough to beat the top players in the pride.

Check out the Day Four Leaderboard. Well done to Syed Abdul Karim who is now the leader of the pride – he even has added his Twibbon to prove it!  David Jones and Adam Bain aren’t far behind though so the contest still has time to hot up.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 12.46.27


You can join the pride simply by tweeting on #CannesLions and check the leaderboard the following day. If you can’t see yourself in the Top 100 just sign in with your twitter account and you’ll see the leaderboard centred on you. You’ll also be able to check your own in depth stats over the past four days to see how you’re doing.

The Cannes Pride leaderboard is about the individual digital leaders. Who will win number one on the Final week’s leaderboard is still very much up for grabs – to win you don’t need to change your behaviour – just keep promoting great content from Cannes Lions and the AdParlor Cannes Pride leaderboard will keep track of who’s really the pride of Cannes Lions!

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