Ariana Huffington leaps to top of AdParlor Cannes Pride Top 100 Digital leaders at Cannes Lions

Well! Day Three at Cannes (and what a blast it has been eh lions?) and its all change at the top of the Cannes Pride leaderboard of top individual digital influencers.

We have a new Pride leader, up from 1,307 (the leaderboard is now 20,000 players strong – sign in with Twitter to see where you stand) is Arianna Huffington – the founder of the superblog news site Huffington Post.


What’s interesting though for pride followers (did you know anyone can follow the leaderboard and get email updates via Leaderboarded?) is that the top players John Maeda and Hector Fernandez are staying in the top 100 each day.

This will all count when we come to release the Final leaderboard which takes into account activity over the whole of Cannes Lions week.

In terms of performance you could have got into the Top 100 yesterday with just 3 tweets, 9 mentions and 9 retweets like Miia Savaspuro.

Keep spreading the word about Cannes Lions and sharing digital insights with your colleagues and community. Cannes Pride will show who’s really influencing the conversation.

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