AdParlor Cannes Pride Leaderboard Day Two Analysis

Monday was a busy day for the AdParlor Cannes Pride Top 100 digital leaders at Cannes Lions – 15,771 tweets, 7,277 @mentions and 3,428 retweets by 15,000 players!

We’ve sifted through it all for you to find who the top 100 individual digital leaders – the Pride of Cannes Lions! (though I spot a couple of agencies that slipped through our net – you know who you are @LeoBurnett #6 and @OgilvyOne #94)

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 17.08.08

It’s good to see a couple of newcomers to the top table, we welcome David Jones (up 84) and Arun Sudhaman (up 111 places) to the top of the Pride! Well done too to  @RalfVilands1 from H&K in Latvia who climbed a massive 345 places to grab the number 12 spot.

Also special mention to two of the pride who I can see have got their Cannes Pride Top 100 Twibbons – well done Adelyn Biedenbach and Syed Abdul Karim.

You can now add a Cannes Pride Twibbon to your own profile to show you too are loving the Pride. What a week this is! Together we’ll make Cannes better and better!

There’s only a few hours left of Tuesday to engage your audience in #canneslion content – will Amir still be top in the morning?…. stay tuned to find out all the changes in the Cannes Pride tomorrow.

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