5 Facebook social commerce tools to check out

My Payvment Facebook shop is up and running

I’ve been playing around with Payvment recently on my, self styled, Facebook Public Figure profile.

There is of course competition, and I’ve highlighted the main contenders below:

Payvment – http://payvment.com/facebook/

Milyoni – http://www.milyoni.com/

Alvendi – http://www.alvenda.com/

UsableNet – http://www.usablenet.com/the-platform/usablenet-facebook/

Wishpot – http://www.wishpot.com

Of these, Wishpot is worth highlighting for bigger brands as it doesn’t try to rebuild the full ecommerce experience within the Facebook channel. For getting started with social likes around products it looks the right product.

Fabio De Bernardi, the European evangelist for the product, told me  “Wishpot decided NOT to follow the usual approach but rather to be a storefront which redirects to the merchants ecommerce to finish the transaction. This was because of several factors, among which ease of integration (which helps keeping costs down), to avoid reducing traffic to the merchant’s site and to allow the merchant to get people’s sign ups (when needed)”

Notwithstanding Wishpot for companies with existing ecommerce sites, my personal storefront is up and running with Payvment, visit my Facebook shop and buy your first product within Facebook – for just £2 I’ll give you a cheery wave and a smile, digitally if necessary!

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One thought on “5 Facebook social commerce tools to check out

  1. […] one part of your business and start trialling some aspect of Facebook commerce – there are off the shelf tools to try, as you can see from my own Facebook shop.  The only thing is clear, doing nothing and just […]

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