Crowdsourcing worked for us

The Nudge Logo we eventually launched the company with

It’s a little known fact that the popular Nudge logo above actually started life as a crowdsourced design.

Crowdsourcing using, a popular web 2.0 site, involves running a design competition over a week where all the participants can see other entries.  The person running the competition can feedback immediately a new logo design is posted, so ensuring a fast  iterative loop that the whole crowd participating in the competition can benefit from.

In Nudge’s case the final logo was finished off by Nudge creative director Steve Folkes but the main idea – using the letters n and u to create a gentle sense of nudging movement came from the crowd (credit here to the competition winner Tim Shundo)

Now Nudge has been successfully acquired by  Syncapse, I can definitely say crowdsourcing worked for us. Thank you everyone!

Here’s Tim’s winning design below:

Winning entry for the 99designs Nudge Logo competition by Tim Shundo

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One thought on “Crowdsourcing worked for us

  1. Geoff January 13, 2011 at 2:16 pm Reply

    I did not know that!

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