A few good quotes from Virtual Goods World Europe

Just getting round to blogging my notes from the conference and I came across a list of quotes from some of the key players at Virtual Goods World Europe.  They make good reading in themselves and give a feel for what went on:

“ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) went through the roof when item sales were introduced to Everquest” – Anthony Royce, Global Brand Manager, Sony Online Entertainment

“They have to be a player before they become a payer”

“A/B test everything, always” – Jesse Janosov

“Kid’s don’t gift” – Anthony Royce

“You can sell $400 virtual items to 15-24 year old males to virtually kill each other ” – Matt Mikaly, CEO, Sportplay Media

“People spend for Status, Access and Scarcity” John Cahill, CEO, Meez

“Context in which a virtual good is used determines the value of the virtual good” – Juko Hamai (quoted at the conference)

“Virtual Goods mechanisms commodotise user attention” – John Cole, CEO, Adknowledge UK

“Users become invested in their virtual identity” – John Cahill, Meez

My winner is Jesse’s “A/B test everything, always.”  The more you test, the more you know about your customers and so you can provide them the right virtual goods at the right time – this allows us to provide contextual offers. This is where exactly the right virtual good is offered at the right time. It’s so the way forward – “want to kill that particular dragon, pay now, get this  potion and get the 30% more power you need”…

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