Chit Chat is a nice and simple Desktop IM client for Facebook

ChitChat puts Facebook IM on the desktop

Dan Offer emailed me to check out his new ChitChat for Facebook – IM Desktop tool

Basically it works well out of the box.  If you’re a big user of Facebook IM then it might definitely be for you.  On the installation dialog watch to unclick the unneeded browser add-on (why do people include this spamware?) and it doesn’t have one click sign in (via Facebook Connect) but this will come in due course I expect.

Facebook IM remains one of the world’s biggest chat platforms, so dedicated desktop clients are a welcome addition, especially when you consider that Facebook itself only has 2 engineers (it was 1 until very recently) working on a chat platform with 500 million registered users…. how Facebook still manage to scale with so few engineers remains mind boggling.

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