5 ways to withdraw / pull down / close / end your Facebook application social network campaign

Quiztastic's close down image is a test card from TV days

Quiztastic's close down image is a test card from TV days

So it’s been a great advertising campaign, you created a lovely application on Facebook, you got the engagement and results you wanted but now it’s time to tell the users the party is over.

So, what should you do? Our top five tips are worth remembering

1. Migrate the users to a permanent fan page

You might have 10s of thousands of users and potential customers of your next campaign – send them an email to get them to join your fan page

2. Reverse into the app shell

Like “shell companies” on the stock exchange you can use your existing application key to turn it into a new application. This should be a sensible change – users of Nudge Social Value Index may be happy to automatically become users of Nudge Enhanced Social Value Index but not to a random dating app (this practice is what LOL apps got shut down for in 2008)

3. Close the app to external users by pushing it back into Sandbox mode

It may be helpful just to close the app to external users, your own staff and development team may want to continue to refer to it. Rather than deleting entirely why not simply make the app invisible.

4. Just remove the app from the directory and close the viral loop

Less severe than removing from Sandbox you can take the app off the Facebook directory and close the viral loop options (share buttons and feed stories) – this will effectively limit the application to your current user base

5. Put up a “sorry we’re closed” notice

Why not do as Playfish have done with Quiztastic – just say “sorry this service is no longer available”. Nice and clear and friendly – it’s also a nice opportunity to invite your users somewhere else

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