Social Media Campaign Marketing ROI on Facebook – What to Measure?

Buses and drivers undergo tests

Knowing what to measure matters

Simple question, as raised by Business week’s excellent Social Media Snake Oil article. If you run a social campaign with Nudge Social Media then you’ll be marketing direct to consumers (rather than the blogosphere) and we’ll be measuring the following:

  • Sales – if you’ve an online fulfilment system like Photobox you’ll have seen ┬ádirect sales from an app like Super Photos
  • Sales Results By Qualitative Assessment – Britvic saw 37% of users of our Tango Head Masher app say they went on to buy a can of the famous drink, that’s against a benchmark of 25% for similar types of campaigns.
  • Engagement Time – any Brand owner knows that the more time a customer spends in your world (and they enjoy it) the more opportunities you have to message them. We measure visit time – and we saw users spending 3 minutes on average whilst playing the Tango Head Masher.
  • Daily and Monthly Active Users – the follow up to Engagement time is to get users returning day after day, we can measure this too
  • Key Performance Indicators – on a per campaign basis you might have specific indicators which we track using our n-stats tool

Key Performance Indicators is often where the in-flight optimisation happens and this might include:

  • organic ratio (how many users have arrived via the viral loop as opposed to media spend),
  • campaign link traffic (to other properties such as a web site),
  • demographic stats (anonymised age, gender and location information),
  • Facebook integration point use (bookmarks, tabs added and so on)
  • campaign actions (mashing a photo, uploading an image, making a comment)

If you’d like to find out more about how a social media campaign can guarantee ROI results for your brand then do give me a call at Nudge on 0207 096 0146

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