Why tweets aren’t welcome on Facebook

How a retweet looks good on twitter and the user name is linked

But the @ link doesn't quite work on Facebook

Hey I know how you think – it’s a fragmented media landscape – I’ll save myself a shed load of rework if I tweet once and then republish many times on my Bebo, Myspace, Facebook page and anywhere else I can syndicate this.

How foolish you are. This means either you go down to the lowest common set of tools or you baffle social network friends with jargon that belongs to another social network paradigm.

If the latter then you fill up our Facebook news feeds with the unintelligible RT, hashtag and @username, if the former then you use neither twitter or Facebook to its full potential.

Don’t keep your tweets anodyne and your statuses samey! No change the tune and repurpose your content and publish twice, the increase in fans will reward your rework.

Much better to keep the tweets on twitter and the status updates on Facebook. That way you can really join the twitterverse, at the same time you can do your Facebook friends a favour by including @{their name} and autoposting to their wall.


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4 thoughts on “Why tweets aren’t welcome on Facebook

  1. Joshua March December 20, 2009 at 2:36 am Reply

    Hi Toby,

    Thanks for the star feature!

    I actually believed the same thing, and purposefully didn’t set my twitter app on Facebook to auto post everything in. However, it started doing it automatically one day. I planned to turn it off, but then I noticed something strange – a large percentage of my ‘tweets’ were getting more responses and engagement in Facebook than they were on twitter – often from the same people who I follow on twitter, and sometimes from people only on Facebook.

    In fact, a while ago someone commented something like this on an update that had come from my Twitter feed – and a number of other people commented back saying to keep it!

    So although in principle, I’m sure you’re right, in practice I get very good personal results in terms of real engagement having my Twitter feed doubled up into Facebook. If Tweetie (my Twitter client of choice) brings out FB Connect integration which replaces the twitter @names with the Facebook @names (as Tweetdeck can do, I think) then hopefully you won’t be as upset:)

    I should also point out that with the change to Newsfeed & Livefeed, having a greater number of status updates coming in won’t have as detrimental affect on the average person’s feed as before.


  2. Joshua March December 20, 2009 at 2:38 am Reply

    P.S I should also add that I’m only reading this after seeing it first on Facebook, where you automatically pull the blog into your notes:)

    • Toby Beresford December 20, 2009 at 2:35 pm Reply

      Good point – touche!

  3. Joshua March December 20, 2009 at 2:37 pm Reply

    Although I should also add, in your defense, that I have lots of friends in the tech/social media sector – if you have more of a separate between work and friends then your advise would definitely be true!

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