My Social Week: 25 random facts, b-box and go find

My Social Week is a new series  where I highlight the big news about user activity over the past week on Facebook, Bebo and Myspace. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

25 random facts about me

Last week on Facebook you may have found yourself tagged in a note only to discover you weren’t there. The chain email viral has found a new potent form – the Facebook notes tool.

25 random facts is sweeping the networks as we all tell more about ourselves to the friends – here’s a few web facing example: dilettante, baltimore sun,  and poire-gourmande.

If you find yourself tagged then try it – it’s fun and you learn lots about people. I even discovered a shared passion for old BBC B computer games through it…

b-box presenters are a click away

b-box presenters are a click away


B-box is a new type of TV channel just for Bebo-ers. Hosted by James and Alice this is the familiar magazine style format updated for the interactive online world of Bebo. The Bebo id of each person interviewed pops up in the vid so the famous are now only one click away. Cool stuff, just don’t rush out and make those Creme Egg pancakes from episode 2 just yet…

Go Find

Another Bebo hit from last week – this little game for Adidas has captured the Bebo-ers imagination. Each day a new clue comes out to find a box hidden somewhere on Bebo. Try accessing the page at the time the clue is due and you’ll never get through. So simple yet so effective…


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