Format your content for sharing anywhere

One of the Nudge social media principles is to format any content for sharing anywhere. That’s why when we release a fan page for a client like Tenpin with an ugly Facebook URL we also create an easy to remember (and hence share) URL at the same time.

Sky is one media channel that’s just about got this message. When I appeared on Sky News the other week to discuss the hottest stories on the web for that day my part of the programme was clipped and posted to their website.

The great advantage of this is that I can then talk about the clip on my own blog and post the link on Facebook.

Unfortunately I can’t embed the video player in my WordPress blog because the administrators don’t allow embedded videos from anyone other than Youtube, Google video and Vodpod (a kind of video skimming service). When this blog post gets syndicated on to the Nudge blog maybe we’ll update it so it does.

However, if Sky had not posted the video at all or they’d only posted the full 30 minute show in which I appeared, then I wouldn’t even be writing this post. By cutting my clip down to it’s 2 minutes they’ve formatted the content for easy sharing on social media.

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