Personality ads

Often you don’t need to build a whole new application on Facebook to achieve viral brand awareness. It’s often enough just to switch the application personality – its name, the copy and graphics (what could also be called its skin) – in order to create a whole new app.

The classic case study for this is when the Resident Evil film gave their personality to the already popular Zombie app on Facebook for a campaign. They were expecting 10,000 sign ups to their email mailing list but in the end got 1 million!

The Zombie app - Before

The Zombie app - Before

The Zombie app - After

The Zombie app - After

Nudge has just done something similar for Kinship Networking with the RAF app – “Best Crew By FAR” launched simultaneously on both Facebook and Bebo.  The app takes a basic social feature we added to The Apprentice Board app and then rebuilt for the RAF.

The generic feature is “Top Friends with roles” – on the Apprentice Board this meant your friends became board directors, marketing directors or the tea boy! On Best Crew by FAR your friends can become a Fighter Pilot, Squadron Leader or Medical Officer.

All great fun and very viral as it means each user ends up inviting 8 friends to add the app and join in the fun.

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