T-shirts, Magazines and Spotted!

Duncan Arbour, from Lbi, gave a great presentation at the London Garage last night. Very much declaring that the emperor has no clothes when it comes to Facebook Apps and Pages as pure virals. Just not enough take up.

“If people wouldn’t wear your brand on a t-shirt, then they aren’t going to stick it on their Facebook profile” said Duncan.  He also said that social media is as “immersive as TV” and we were just in the early days.

I like to think of Facebook Apps as a magazine.  When a client comes to us I tell them to think in terms of “launching a new publication” – get a design which you stick with, structure it (the rules and features of the app), fill it with content (some professional but mostly user-generated) and interweave ads to pay.

I0% of your “readers” will become the journalists and add content while 90% remain “lurkers” – happy to see what their friends have been up to and maybe occasionally comment. The editor is nowhere to be seen except in the rules of the application which structure user generated content into a digestible format for others. This is social media in action.

It’s a far cry from the “brochure” metaphor which is how brands approach web sites and micro-sites. A magazine is obviously more expensive an enterprise than a brochure; requires more long term investment, forces you to consider distribution but the benefits of a committed readership (or user base) will pay off.

Here at Nudge we’ve just launched our new app together with Picasso Pictures – Spotted! – in public beta mode – which seeks to be the online application equivalent of Hello!, Heat or OK magazine.  Only in the Spotted! world the IT girls and high society flyers are your friends who have brushed shoulders with the stars.

We’ve started it with some basic features and sections – we’ve interwoven celebrity adverstising and its only on Facebook for now. If you’ve spotted, chatted to, hugged or kissed a celebrity recently then this is the place to share your spots with your friends. Try it:



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