Quietly loving Parking Wars


Toby in action on Parking Wars

Toby in action on Parking Wars



I had a quiet go on Parking Wars the other day and am now hooked.

So what’s going on?

It’s a social game that obeys some of my great app principles (top secret for now):


  • turn based – I can play against friends who are in different time zones
  • quick to move – a move takes  a few clicks and I’m done. I can “get away with” a quick turn just before I pop out for a lunch break
  • uses the network effect – gets better the more friends I have who play, I have more places to park for a start
  • unlockable rewards – I enjoyed explaining its badges system to a colleague
  • can see how I’m doing – yay I’m already a Parking Pro after only a few days.
  • simple simple simple – it really is
  • raid and reward – I can quietly park on non-active users streets and avoid a ticket – thank you Joshua March for not playing today ;o)
Parking Wars has made the headlines in the social media world because it is a great example of a branded app that has been a success on Facebook (160,000 Daily Active Users). It advertises a TV show of the same name.
For those of you who think Facebook is just a work tool you can see Parking Wars’ daily usage charts going back to its launch last December and you’ll find you were right. A dip in active usage every weekend…

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One thought on “Quietly loving Parking Wars

  1. Joshua March August 3, 2008 at 8:22 am Reply

    I think if you check I’ve just ticketed two of your cars;)

    I won’t be so careless in future…

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