Marketing with Brand Pages

Facebooks Fan Pages are very popular – over 100,000 made already. But do they work for the brands that make them?

The trick to success is how you use the Facebook feed. I spotted this in my feed:

Hey looks my mates are off to an event!

Three things are interesting about this message:

  1. Aggregated – it’s three of my friends doing something so it must be important
  2. Linked to the event – I clicked on the event and invited myself along
  3. Hosted by a brand – I clicked on the brand name and became a fan of innocent drinks

So after a couple of clicks, innocent drinks have me both as an attendee at their village fete and as a fan of their brand, and I love innocent drinks so no problem for me there.

What’s interesting from a marketing perspective is that this has all been achieved using Facebook’s existing tools – Innocent haven’t had to pay Facebook for the page or the event tool. By marketing with a social event – something me and my friends might go to – they are playing to the platforms intrinsically social nature.

It’s a combination that works and is a soft and appropriate way to market using the social media platform. Something we at Nudge like a lot. Simple but effective stuff from those clever people in the fruit towers….

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