Unleashing the power of the preview

screenhunter_02-jan-21-1045.gifWatch a good advert and then ask yourself the question – can I imagine myself using this – do I know how I’d feel using it.

If you can imagine driving that smooth ride, luxuriating in that shampoo or chomping on that doughnut, then the advert has suceeded.

This is the power of the preview – as soon as the customer imagines themselves using the product they are half way to desiring it – exactly what the marketeer wants.

On Sunday I read an article in the FT about a new, unknown British film – Lady Godiva. I checked out the web address on my (WIFI enabled) mobile phone and watched the preview all without getting out of bed.

This is what we IT types mean by “frictionless” – much of web 2 is about making it easy to go through the steps despite different platforms and companies (newspaper to phone in this case) to give me (the user) what I want.

In this case, I now know whether the film is worth the trip out to Bluewater see it…. watch the preview and decide for yourself.


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